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Unless special arrangements are made, an animal IS NOT considered sold until money has been received.
Our Live Arrival Guarantee
Live arrival is guaranteed unless temperatures at any stops on route to the destination are below 40 degrees or above 90 degrees. Airfreight shipments should be inspected at the time of pickup. Coldblooded Novelties. is not responsible for carrier delays or mistakes.
On FED EX overnight shipments the package MUST be signed for on the first delivery attempt or live arrival guarantee is voided, NO EXCEPTIONS. DOA's must be reported within 24 hours for return to Coldblooded Novelties for possible credit/replacement. Return of DOA animals may be required prior to a decision on credit or replacement. Thanks for your interest in our animals. To us this is only a hobby and not a living so we are able to provide the best of the best to you and 99.99999% of the time well under the going price.
Thanks again Coldblooded Noveties